Heaven Sake & Co. Podcast

​ Heaven Sake & Co. Podcast is a live podcast addressing different challenges in today's world. We bring reality to the front door of every listener as we go head to head with topics that addresses every day problems. This includes, but are not limited to marriages, finances, relationships, mental health, politics, religion and much more. We bring a biblical point of view to every aspect  of conversation to help guide people into all truth.



Friday Nite Alive is an evangelistic event aimed to win the lost by bringing together gospel rappers, singers, mimers, dancers, comedians, motivational speakers, and poets from different places to draw the attention of young people who are badly influenced by drugs, alcohol, gangs, night clubs, secular music, and other activities designed by satan to steal, kill, destroy, and distract them from their God given purpose. Friday Nite Alive is also mobile which means if you need this type of event in your area, we will travel there and bring the same love, spirit, ambition, heart, determination, and atmosphere to your area.
FNA is every 2nd & 4th Friday in every month but is subject to change to 1st & 3rd or possibly every Friday. This event starts at 9pm- until in different locations in Virginia or anywhere scheduled.  


​Operation Club Invasion is a team of believers with the heart of an evangelist formed to invade night clubs on weekends in Virgina and surrounding areas. We will invade the club with personal evangelism by ministering  the gospel to unbelievers, atheist, and lukewarm Christians collecting personal information from them such as phone numbers, emails, and other forms of contacts to build discipleship


FrontLine Fathers is a team of experienced fathers collaborating to unite, restore, reconstruct, repair, and reconcile fathers back into the lives of their children. We, also instill wisdom, knowledge, responsibility, structure, leadership, discipline, and character into young men to help them become the best fathers they can be by assigning an experienced father in their lives to push them back in the right direction.


Operation 4:19 is a company of believers reaching out to the shelter and poverish neighborhoods by supplying food, water, clothing, tracks, prayer, and salvation to people who are in need. This event will take place twice a month on every other Tuesday but is subject to change

 I.S.T.O.P (Inmates Striving To Obtain Purpose) 

I.S.T.O.P is a jail & prison ministry created to help inmates strive to become who God called them to be in the midst of where they are and what they're going through. Our goal is to help them concentrate on where they're headed instead of where they are by ministering the word of God to them and helping them find out who they are in Christ.

                                          & THE UPBUILDING OF GOD'S KINGDOM.
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